Vídeos FPdGi 2017 Awards

Princess of Girona Foundation

Production of a 12 minutes short documentary about the Princess of Girona Foundation Awards 2017. We have also produced 5 individual videos, one for each award: Juan Zamora (FPdGi Arts and Literature Award), Miriam Reyes (FPdGi Social Award), Damià Tormo (FPdGi Business Award), Héctor Gómez (FPdGi Scientific Research Award) and Teach a Man to Fish (FPdGi International Organisation Award).

The documentary has been released in the 2017 FPdGi Awards Ceremony that took place in Girona, on June 29, 2017, with the presence of the Kings of Spain. The documentary has been released in a 10 meters length screen.


Directed by: Vicenç Asensio

Production: Eric Hauck and Marta Puigsegur

Direct sound Laura Sánchez

Motion graphics: Hèctor Prado

Sound post-production: Lluís Carreño