A day at elBulli

RTVE - elBulli

New York International TV and Film Festival: bronze medal

Hamburg World Media Festival: best documentary

The film "A Day at elBulli" reveals for the first time the creative process, innovative philosophy and extraordinary techniques of the multi-award-winning restaurant, elBulli, and its legendary head chef, Ferran Adria. Situated on a remote beach on the northeast coast of Spain, elBulli is famous for being the ultimate pilgrimage site for foodies, and a reservation that is nearly impossible to obtain. Each year elBulli is open for just six months, and receives more than 2 million requests for only 8,000 seats. Renowned for his spectacular ever-changing 30-course tasting menu, Adria's pioneering culinary techniques have been applauded - and imitated - by top chefs around the globe for the past decade, and he was named one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people of our time.


Written and directed by: Albert Adrià

Assistant directors and camera operators: Vicenç Asensio i David Pujol

Editing: Vicenç Asensio i Ricard T Shelly

Director of postproduction: Vicenç Asensio

Graphic design: Jordi Marzà i Amparo Jovani

Color grading: Cristina Pérez

Sound mixing: Andreu Ferrer