Short Documentary 30 years of the Pedret i Marzà landfill

Alt Empordà Regional Council

The Pedret i Marzà landfill (Alt Empordà) celebrates 30 years of existence and we have produced a short documentary film with the testimony of the protagonists of the different periods. The audiovisual also includes archive images of the first video of the landfill that Vicenç Asensio recorded in 1992.
The short film reviews the most relevant moments in the history of this facility, but also looks to the future and the problems of recycling and sustainability, and gives the voice to young people to explain how they think this future will be.


Director and script: Vicenç Asensio
Production: Helena Valent, Marta Puigsegur
Camera assistant: Cesc Abad
Graphics: Hector Prado