Short film Land, Sea and Wine. A sea of vineyards!

Calonge-Sant Antoni City Hall

We have produced a short film shot for 12 months in the vineyards of the municipality of Calonge-Sant Antoni. We have shot in two wineries, one of the DO Empordà (Clos d'Agon) and the other one of the wine of the peasant (Mas Molla) with the aim of capturing and then being able to explain the whole cycle of the vineyards and the people who take care of them. From a total of 23 hours of raw material, the director Vicenç Asensio has edited a short film of 7 minutes.


Director: Vicenç Asensio

Production: Marta Puisegur

Editor: Vicenç Asensio

Motion graphics: Hèctor Prado