The soul of Empordà Campaign

Consells Comarcals de l’Alt i el Baix Empordà

"The Soul of Empordà" is the campaign we have produced for the Empordà brand. The campaign will be broadcasted on TV (TV3), radio, written press and digital platforms. The main piece of the campaign is a 20" ad for television and online channels (which has been edited in 5 language versions: Catalan, Spanish, English, French and German). A series of 6 specific videos for the online channels have also been created and will be published throughout the campaign. If in the 2020 campaign the goal was to present a land where tranquility reigned and without crowds, this 2021 campaign we have focused on people. People who come to the Empordà and are amazed by what they discover.

This is the Soul of Empordà

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Creative director: Vicenç Asensio
Ad director and cameraman: Vicenç Asensio
Production: Marta Puigsegur
Graphics: Hector Prado
Voice-over: Miquel Sitjar
Audio mixing: Xevi Estudi
Online marketing: Playbrand