Vídeo 25/35 anniversary CaixaBank employees


Production of a video for the ceremony of commemoration for the employees who have been working at CaixaBank during 25 and 35 years. Visual13 has created a gastronomic teambuilding activity, with eight employees from different geographical points, who have shared their experiences while making an anniversary cake helped by chef Marta Vergés.


Idea and direction: Vicenç Asensio

Chef: Marta Vergés

Cameras: Vicenç Asensio, Oriol Bramona, Eudald Rovira

Direct sound: Carles Aulí

Production: Marta Puigsegur

Location: Foodieteca

Edition: Vicenç Asensio

Motion graphics: Hector Prado

Sound mixes: Lluís Carreño