Documentary 'La Jonquera: 20 years without borders'


Link of the documentary:

'La Jonquera: 20 years without borders' is a TV3 production with the collaboration of Visual13 and it will be broadcast on June 10 in the program Sense Ficció. The documentary offers an intense view of one of the most singular places in the current Europe, analizing the social and economic transformations during the past 20 years, and also looking at the future goals of this historic land, which is an strategic hub of communications.



Written and directed by: Vicenç Asensio

Executive Production: Marta Puigsegur

Executiva direction TVC: Joan Salvat

Exectuvice production TVC: Muntsa Tarrés

Editing and postproduction: Vicenç Asensio

Director of production: Carles Cereijo

Motion graphics: Hèctor Prado

Camera assistment: Albert Gonzàlez

Counselling: Joan Manel Soldevilla